Available Positions

In filling out the TJ Maxx application you will be asked to write in a position in which you are applying for. When it comes to this you have many options to choose from. The company is always hiring entry level positions all the way up to high ranking corporate positions. Look below to see which position fits your particular skill set.

Register: The cash register position is ideal outgoing people who enjoy interacting with others. It is a straight forward position that requires you to ring up products and give customer change. The qualifications are basic, you must have basic math skills and be personable. Additional requirements include the ability to stand on your feet for extended periods of time.

Sales Associate: Sales associates greet and assist customers as well as other random tasks such as organizing items on shelves. This is an entry level position that is perfect for someone who does not have previous experience in the retail field.

Stock Room: Working the stock room is the perfect position for those who enjoy “behind the scenes” work. Stock associates accept delivery of merchandise and organize it to the stores specifications. To work in the stock room you should have the ability to consistently lift boxes of at least 40 pounds.

Supervisor/Manager: Managerial positions are high responsible positions that often require experience and/or a college degree. These are the highest paying in-store positions. An assistant manager can expect to earn around 40k while a manager will earn upwards of 70k. Like I said these are high responsibility positions can require several prerequisites.

Loss Prevention:  The tasks required by this position are similar to that of a security guard. Basically your job is to monitor the security camera feed and watch for any kind of theft or suspicious activity. Some store locations will require training for this position while other store’s wont. Inquire to your local store to confirm whether or not they require any kind of training. As a loss prevention officer you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 – $15 per hour. The  pay is decent but you are taking a risk working this position.

Corporate: TJ Maxx corporate positions are available to those who fit the bill. These are top of the chain positions that are reserved for those with the right amount of college and experience. Corporate workers are responsible for the general operation of the company. Note that the TJ Maxx application for corporate positions is not available online. You can read more information about TJ Maxx corporate jobs on our corporate positions page.

*Age Requirements* Keep in mind before you turn in the TJ Maxx application that you must be atleast 16 years old to work there. There are some exceptions to this rule. In some states those who are 15 years old may work at the store if they have a work permit. Talk to your school guidance counselor to obtain this permit.

As you can see the store offers a position suitable for just about every background. In filling out the TJ Maxx application it is important that you choose the position that is suitable for your skill level. You can learn more about TJ Maxx on their Wiki page.




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