Corporate Positions

Working at TJ Maxx means working at one of the best corporate organizations in the world. In fact they are listed as a Fortune 500 company. At last check they were actually ranked #125. The company is one of the leaders in apparel and home fashions and they have their huge group of dedicated employees to thank for that.

There are a lot of corporate careers at TJ Maxx and each one of the jobs are always highly sought after. They offer a lot in the way of support and growth. One of the popular corporate jobs is as a store manager. There are a lot of store managers for TJ Maxx but they are always looking for more that are highly qualified and willing to join the family.

A store manager is responsible for the day to day activities at a TJ Maxx store. This includes the hiring and management of employees, the monitoring of inventory ordering, communications with the corporate office, and the meeting of established sales goals. There is a lot of responsibility involved with being a store manager at a TJ Maxx.

Another corporate job at TJ Maxx is a loss prevention manager. These jobs are responsible for mitigating risks associated with theft or fraud. These types of jobs are usually done at the corporate offices, which are then executed on the store level. They may involve the training of store managers on the ways to combat the theft and fraud activities.

District managers are also another corporate level job that is very important as part of the supply chain. They are responsible for group of TJ Maxx stores within an entire region. They help monitor sales, costs, and risks. They can also come in and help train management on the execution of certain directives from the corporate level. In essence they are the direct line communication with the corporate offices.

Warehouse managers are also very important for the function of the TJ Maxx stores. They handle all of the inventory needs of each of the TJ Maxx stores. When orders come in they are responsible for locating the inventory that they need and then coordinating the delivery of the inventory in both a timely and efficient manner.

The other major and possibly most important job on the corporate level is the buyers. These are the people who are primarily responsible for locating new merchandise to sell in the TJ Maxx stores. TJ Maxx, in particular, is a store that sells major brand name labels at a discount price. That puts a lot of burden on the buyers to not only locate the best available styles but to also locate those styles for a very good price so that they can then pass on the savings to their customers.

Of course there are a lot of other TJ Maxx jobs available on the corporate level. These are just a sampling of the most sought after jobs as well as the most common jobs. They each come with the TJ Maxx benefits that makes the company so popular.




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