TJ Maxx Job Requirements

When considering a retail job position this year, consider T.J. Maxx. The company was founded in 1976 as an apparel store that caters to home fashions, beauty products and other department store merchandise. The company now has over 1000 stores and a TJ Maxx application can be easily obtained for those looking for work.

As the leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailer, the company is eager to hire employees who can contribute to the growth of the organization. There are certain things to consider before setting out to make an appointment. Follow these tips for a better chance at being selected as a new T.J. Maxx employee.

The first thing to do is to assess all marketable skills. Consider strengths and weaknesses and how they should be presented to a prospective employer. Anyone who is looking to enter the job market today should have an ability to use a computer and be able to hand in a presentable resume. These two skills sets alone may not be enough, but without them there is a greater chance of failure.

Be sure to prepare the resume and have it reviewed by an unbiased source. Keep the resume factual but be sure to lean heavily toward your positive skills and attributes. There are many online resume samples that can be used to ensure proper formatting.

Decide whether to get the TJ Maxx application online or in person. Applying online is convenient and more practical. Online job banks across the US will have postings for T.J. Maxx but the Company also carries its own online employment form. Search the database on TJX to look for job openings nationwide.

The website offers a simple TJ Maxx employment application and a look at the various job position profiles and company benefits. These are the positions most needed:

  • Coordinator
  • Loss prevention associate
  • Maintenance mechanic
  • Merchandise associate
  • Supervisor
  • Warehouse associate

Once on the website, pay close attention to the tabs and read all information before proceeding. There are currently four tabs on the TJX jobs site; “Welcome”, “ Job Search”, “Apply For A Job” and “Job Benefits”. The job search tab will require a city, state and ZIP Code for the search.

Before entering the T.J. Maxx job-search site, conduct a quick search for stores in the area. There might be more than one location that is close enough for work. Make a note of the addresses in order to apply for positions at each branch.

Take the time to research the position before printing out a TJ Maxx application. Click the “apply for job “link and enter your preferred location. Print out the form and fill out the required information. It will be necessary to hand it in personally. When applying for positions at several locations, be sure to complete a form for each location. Getting the TJ application is just the start, be sure to learn about the Company and even visit the store to become familiar with the job environment ahead of time.

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